Welcome to Blues Fusion
Website of Helen Cheney, dancer, instructor and DJ


I teach improvised partner dance which means I give you ways to Helen dancingconnect to music and a dance partner but the dance you create is up to you.  Through dancing you get the chance to express yourself, have fun and make connections with people on and off the dance floor.  My passion is to integrate partner dancing and conscious movement practices to create an uplifting space for you to dance.

They style of dance I teach are based in the roots of partner blues and swing dancing (blues dance, lindy hop, balboa).  I am also strongly influenced by the practice of body awareness modalities and ecstatic movement which invites us to more consciously be in our bodies as we connect to others and to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves through somatic awareness.

I am passionate about connecting with others through dance and being moved by music.  So if partner dancing moves you and you want to explore more deeply your relationship to your dancing body and the connections you make with a dance partner, please join me at Blues Fusion.