Blues Fusion

Welcome to Blues Fusion.
This site represents dancer Helen Cheney based in Melbourne, Australia who works both locally and internationally.

I teach improvised partner dance which means I give you ways to connect to music and a dance partner but the dance you create is up to you.  Through dancing you get the chance to express yourself, have fun and make connections with people on and off the dance floor.  My dedication is to create an uplifting space for you to dance.

They style of dance I teach are based in the roots of partner blues and swing dancing (blues dance, lindy hop, balboa).  I am also strongly influenced by the practice of body awareness modalities and ecstatic movement which invites us to consciously be in our bodies as we dance and I am passionate about helping people connect to their dancing selves and tap into the music that moves them.

As a DJ, I choose music from slow and soulful, to uplifting and upbeat and am available to spin the tunes to your event.

So if dancing with a partner moves you, I look forward to dancing with you.