Love soulful music and want to partner dance?

At Blues Fusion discover partner dancing which is fun and sociable.  As well as learning good technique of how to dance with a partner, you’ll also find an experience which encourages creativity, positive connections and, above all, is loads of fun. 

Just starting?

You’re in the right place.  Learn great fundamental practices to partner dancing in a flowing, connected way.   Instead of focusing on remembering dance moves, steps and sequences, you will find your own connection to music and your dance partner, sparking your unique creativity.

You’ll learn tools to improvise and share dance with another person, creating a sense of connection and flow between you.  Classes will demystify partner dance and show you the natural flowing movement between two people.  You’ll learn that dance doesn’t have to be a stressful or competitive process.  When you channel your energies into flow and creativity instead, then dance becomes satisfying, fun and sociable.

Already a partner dancer?

Great!  Everything here will help you enjoy the music and your dancing even more.  You’ll learn not just partner dance technique, but body awareness and creative musical expression as well.