If partner dance stirs your soul, welcome to Blues Fusion
Conscious partner dance for a deeper connection to body, music, and others.

I am passionate about dance and being moved by music.  Blues Fusion is an opportunity to live and share that experience with others.   My dancing is grounded in the roots of blues and swing dance and I have been highly influenced by the recent ‘fusion’ movement in partner dancing, in which elements of different styles of dance and music are combined for creativity.  This style of dance is grounded, expressive and creatively free.

If you are a partner dancer, or aspire to be, and want to explore more deeply your relationship to your body, your connection to music and improve the connections you make with people, then please enjoy what is offered here.

Through blues and fusion dancing you get to improvise creatively to music and make connections with people on and off the dance floor.  My intention is to integrate partner dancing and conscious movement practices to create a place for you to dance with confidence and freedom.

I look forward to sharing a dance floor with you!

-Helen Cheney