About Blues Fusion

In Blues Fusion classes you learn relaxed, fun and easy ways to partner dance.  The way to create the magic of partner dance will be demystified as you learn to dance with other people.   As well as teaching you traditional partner dance moves that feel great, you’ll also explore:

  • Getting to know your body and dancing style
  • Exploring rhythm and musical movement
  • Connecting and dancing with a partner

All three are essential ingredients in feeling flow and connection in your partner dancing.

Get to know your dancing style

In class you’ll do exercises to help you get more in touch with your body for greater understanding of how you move. Find love for the way you move and express yourself.  Being aware of, and in touch with your body is essential for being balanced in life, and through dance and movement you’ll get to experience yourself on a deeper level.  The more you become aware of and can control how your own body moves, the more you can express yourself in a dance, and the more fun you can have!

Exploring rhythm and musical movement
Dancing is music expressed through the body.  You’ll learn how to tap into the music so you can find it’s rhythm and express it.  The more you can let the music dance your body instead of you ‘thinking’ about your steps, the more you can explore your creativity by improvising to the music as it plays.

You’ll learn to dance to a variety of music and different ways you can express yourself through different types of movement.  You’ll feel more comfortable in letting go and letting your body do the talking.

Dancing with a partner

You’ll explore the dynamics of dance in a partnership and learn how to create a dance with another person.  In partner dancing there are two roles, one leader, one follower, which come together to create a whole dance as one.  See more about this under what is partner dance.  When you take on these roles and tune in to each other and the music it is an incredible experience.

As well as dancing in couples, I also encourage group dancing.  This is a great if you just feel like busting out from a close partner connection to that upbeat song.  You’ll be uplifted and inspired by everyone on the dance floor!

For more info on dance classes see the FAQ page or get in contact.