I’m Helen Cheney and I’ve been dancing all my life, always been moved by a rhythm and a beat.  My love of movement, music and dancing with others has taken different forms from my first job as an ‘old skool’ aerobics instructor in 2002 through to dance teacher of swing and blues classes and running my own dance school in Edinburgh, Scotland for 10 years.

My teaching focuses less on learning ‘steps’ and more on guiding you to connect with your body, the music and your dance partner and how to create an improvised dance together.

I love the connection made when two people create a dance together; the losing of oneself in the music and participating with another as we create a connection together is, for me, a most blissful moment in life and one I hope to guide others towards through my work with dance, connection and musical expression.

I now teach in Melbourne and Ballarat, Victoria and I hope to see you on a dance floor soon!