FAQs – What happens in class?

Do I need to have a dance partner?
No, not at all.  You can bring a partner or a friend if you like, but the focus is to dance socially. This means you are encouraged to dance with all different people.  In classes we rotate partners so everyone gets to try everything with other people.  You won’t miss out on anything if you come on your own.

What sort of music do you play?
You’ll learn how to dance to a range of different styles especially those influenced by blues music.  You can also find yourself dancing to soul, r’n’b, hip hop, trip hop/electronica, tango, waltz, swing jazz and others in between.  The music has a steady beat to encourage rhythmical expression.  Other times the music will be more ethereal.  Depending on the energy of the group the music can take us on different journeys from slow and connected to upbeat and party.

What type of dancing do you teach?
The dance is based in the roots of blues and swing dancing and is influenced by other styles of partner dancing.  You’ll learn the flexibility to use different styles so you can choose what feels good for you and for the music you’re dancing to.

What happens in a class?
You’ll be shown partner dance moves and concepts to explore.  Classes will cover body awareness techniques, partner dance technique and concepts in musical expression. After the class there will be time to dance socially and get to know other people on and off the social dance floor.

What do I wear?
You can wear anything you like to dance here, we’re pretty casual.  What is important is your footwear.  When partner dancing you want to make sure that you can easily move your feet so shoes with a sole that will allow you to turn and slide easily on the floor is really helpful and it will save your knees from getting sore in the long run. Wearing heels is a choice up to you, but when learning low or flat shoes are recommended until you get comfortable with your steps.

I’m shy/nervous about dancing.  Is this right for me?
If you want to dance, great, you’re totally welcome here, shy, nervous or not.  It can be difficult to get the courage to come dancing, but the atmosphere is relaxed and positive and there is definitely no singling anyone out to dance in front of the group.  This is an invitation for you to go for your desire to learn to dance.  Give yourself that gift and do it!

I have two left feet/ I can’t dance/ I’m just a beginner, can I still do it?
Two left feet!  Are you sure?  Can’t dance!  Are you sure?  Dance is inherent in all of us and it’s often just a case of being in the right atmosphere to remember how to move with ease.  What matters is simply your love of the music and moving to it.  We were all beginners once, just means you’ve got loads of good stuff to learn.  How exciting is that!


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