Private lessons

Private sessions available for Lindy Hop and Blues dance lessons in Melbourne, Australia: Beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Individuals or couples.



Just starting out and want to find your feet with partner dancing?  This will get you the confidence in the basics of dancing with a partner.  Discover how to move to music, how to feel rhythms and how to dance to them too!

These lessons will give you confidence in dancing so you feel confident.  Learn simple, easy moves so you can enjoy your dance and have fun with it – yes it is possible.  It won’t take you long to get dancing and you can do it in only a few hours.

Recommendation: 2 x 1.5 hour lessons


These lessons are for you if you’re already a Lindy Hop or blues dancer and you’d like to get some feedback on improving your dance.  A private lesson focuses on how your are already dancing and how to tighten up your technique or posture to get more ease into your dance.  You will learn how to dance with more efficiency and increase your flow from one move to the next.  Great if you want to give your Lindy Hop or blues a kick-start or get back into it after a break.  Or maybe you just feel a bit stagnant and want to shake things up a bit.  However you feel about your dancing, this is a great way to tailor a class to you so you get significant improvement in a short space of time.


How does it work? 

Private classes are for individuals or couples.  You provide a space for the lessons and I come to you.

If you don’t have a suitable space for dancing, get in touch I can make arrangements to hire a space.

Individual – $60 for 1 hour/ $80 for 1.5 hours
Couple – $100 for 1 hour/ $130 for 1.5 hours

If applicable, space hire and distance travel costs (over 30 mins.  from north-east Melbourne) are additional.

Please contact me to arrange a lesson.  I look forward to helping you.